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Summer Hockey Goalie CAmps & Mini CAmps


Northeast Goalie Development Summer Camp Group

Walpole, MA  •  Brick, NJ  •  Woodbridge, NJ

  Northeast Goalie Development Mini Camp
Our line-up offers both boys and girls the opportunity to develop their game to his or her top potential. We pride ourselves in producing a fun, competitive and challenging hockey camp. Throughout the week, each player will be involved with strength training, speed training, balance work, core training, agility training, plyometrics, stretching techniques and much more.

While our goalie camps run along side RB Hockey's position-player camps, goalies will be separated into their own groups with dedicated goalie instructors who not only explain but also demonstrate key skills. Every one of our top-notch coaches can offer our campers unique insight into the position, as well as the latest instructional techniques from around the world.

We utilize a 4 phase training program consisting of:

  • Base Goaltending (Developmental, House, A, B)
  • Advanced Goaltending (A, AA, AAA)
  • Elite Goaltending (AAA)
  • Premier (AAA and Higher)

The best goalies in the world are those that learn through failure. The goalies that are willing to adapt, grow and focus on development are the ones that will succeed. Northeast Goalie Development is geared toward providing an opportunity for goalies to develop their craft and learn the position in a constructive and focused environment.


Mini Camps

  Northeast Goalie Development Mini Camp

Our three-day mini camps are designed to give both boy & girl goalies the advantage prior to the start or conclusion of a season. Each session will be geared towards prepping the goalies for a specific goal. Day one will be focused on balance, movement, and position. Day two will build off day one and focused on purposed movement and save selection and recovery. Day three will again build off the first two days and focus on the recovery and secondary save positioning as well as game situations. Day four (November Camp) will bring all focuses together into situational awareness of the position and will help you prepare for your task (tryouts, season, off-season). The ratio of goalie to instructor is 3:1. Instructors will help with demonstrations for specific skill development and oversee that the drills are done correctly.

All mini camps take place at the Rodman Arena in Walpole, MA unless noted otherwise.

Power Skills DEC 27th  Walpole, MA
•  9:00am - 11:00am   SIGN UP ($175) Limited Space Available

Power Skills DEC 28th  Walpole, MA
•  9:00am - 11:00am   SIGN UP ($175) Limited Space Available

•  Dec 27th & 28th   SIGN UP ($300) Limited Space Available