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About Northeast Goalie Development Hockey Camps & Skills


Our Philosophy

The best goalies in the world are those that learn through failure. The goalies that are willing to adapt, grow and focus on development are the ones that will succeed. Northeast Goalie Development is geared toward providing an opportunity for goalies to develop their craft and learn the position in a constructive and focused environment. Goalie Coach and NGD Director Ed Kesell teaches 7 key habits using his 4 phase training program.

Good balance allows for better speed, agility and control of saves.

Quick + Powerful Feet
The more power you generate from your feet and the quicker you can get set the greater the chance for a save.

Purposed Movement
Move with a purpose every time. Don’t waste energy with extra movement if you don’t have to.

Focused Tracking
Track every puck to your body, to the corner, to a point on the ice every time.

Maintaining Goalie Space
Don’t allow the play to dictate where you must make the save in the net. Put yourself in the best position to make every save.

Purposed Save Selections
Make sure every save used is used to make the save necessary.

Short Term Memory Loss
Goalies must understand goals will go in and the best goalies are those that can learn from their mistakes and make their next save.

Base Goaltending Program For Developmental, House, A & B Levels

The focus for the base goaltending is to build a strong technique that allows the goaltender to progress in his ability to make saves. The primary skills that are taught include accurate and efficient movement, balance on skates and basic save choice. Each on-ice session will include goalie specific movement training, focusing on balance and accuracy in movement. Balance is crucial when it comes to goaltending the position of the hands, feet and stick is a focus in base goaltending. If a goalie cannot move efficiently and accurately in balance and on angle around the crease, the chances of making saves is drastically reduced. Not only is the initial movement a focus, but also saves chosen will be an area that in addition to the movement will require specific attention. Balance again is needed when it comes to save choice habits. If young goaltenders are confident in their balance, movement and save choice habits, that confidence will solidify a base that will help progress a goalies functional foundation.

Focus On: C-Cuts, T-Push, Shuffle, Butterfly, Lateral Adjustment, Vertical Adjustment, Save Selection, Glove Saves, Blocker Saves, Pad Saves, Stick Saves

Advanced Goaltending Program For A, AA, & AAA Levels

Once a base is established, goalies will progress in their ability to identify more specific skills and habits essential to goaltending. The primary focus will be the accuracy and efficiency in movement and balance of hands, feet and stick, goalies will find that this focused goaltending requires a refining of save choice habits, save-recovery identification. During these on ice sessions, goalies will grow through an intense program, which pushes each goalie to continually grow his technical base and situational efficiency. As with the base stage mobility and balance with movement and save selection are crucial during this phase. The movement will address Lateral, Vertical and Slant movement. In addition, to mobility, balance and save selection, the instructors will focus on the save choice and then the recovery in specific situations. The goal is to help goaltenders become more athletic and less robotic in their selections. The more adaptable the goaltender to the change in situations the greater the chance of making saves.

Focus On: Lateral Adjustment, Vertical Recovery, Lateral Recovery, Stealing Depth, Lateral Saves, Vertical Saves, Controlled Rebounds, Purposed Movement

ELITE Goaltending Program For AAA & Higher Experience Levels

Goaltenders at this level will receive on-ice training that will focus on the intangibles of goaltending. Including, advanced movement and balance training, situational awareness, and mental preparation. There are two focuses in this program, the first is developing advanced positioning, movement and fluid goaltending. This first focus is geared toward specific technical training where the little habits that goaltenders develop can be addressed and altered. The movement and fluid goaltending are repeated and then the shot component is added to reinforce good habits. Because goalies are not all the same each habit that isn’t efficiently helping their game will be mentored so that the proper habit is replaced. The second focus of this program is to effect change in the way goalies train. Too often goalies rely on shots in practice to get better. This habit is out dated and goalies will learn to train in a way that is highly repetitive and focused on each detail of the game. This is an advanced curriculum which is meant for elite goaltenders and these sessions are by approval only. This is the culmination of all the phase of this goaltending program and will prepare goalies to compete at the highest level.